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To book any of our services or for further information, call us now on +44 (0)20 3151 8782 or email [email protected]

About Us


Running PMO with Competence is a project / programme management office training, coaching and professional development specialist company.  Over the years, our PMO expertise has been secured on multi-million pound, multi-disciplinary Business and IT transformation initiatives in the UK to:

  • Build the business case for PMO, champion its benefits to project delivery and secure buy-in from stakeholders.

  • Set up and run PMO to increase project delivery success and implement standard project management practices.

  • Recruit and manage high performing teams.

  • Develop, train, upskill, coach and mentor PMO professionals at all stages and levels of their career.


We have laid the foundation for PMO functions within many corporate organisations. We have leveraged our expertise, tacit knowledge and know-how to build high quality masterclasses and programmes for PMO professionals.

The Demand for PMO Expertise

The demand for PMO expertise in the UK is on the rise across industry sectors. Highly skilled PMO professionals such as Analysts, Managers and Leads are in short supply.  Findings from our client survey reveals that:

  • PMO is sometimes seen as an administrative function and is often resourced with inadequately trained staff.

  • In-house PMO staff with project management qualifications, often struggle to apply knowledge obtained from courses to a live project environment.

  • Interim PMO staff are often hired to augment in-house PMO resource on critical projects. Once the project is complete and interim staff depart, lack of knowledge transfer means that the previously bridged skill gap resurfaces.

Our Goal 

Our goal is to focus our expertise on delivering high quality training, coaching and professional development programmes with a view to contribute to bridging the gap in highly skilled PMO professionals in the UK.